Blockchain Platform ARK Launches MarketSquare: a fresh Homepage for Decentralized Web

ARK today announced the launch of MarketSquare, which it refers to as the new homepage for the decentralized web. That is to create blockchain technology more open to the different types of users including developers readily.

MarketSquare offers a one-for-all environment which allows users to learn and connect to blockchain applications and projects. Based on the release announcement, listed below are some of the objectives of fabricating MarketSquare.

On MarketSquare, it really is made by us an easy task to discover businesses, blockchains, delegates and applications. By searching through different categories using our robust search function and following your preferred projects, it hasn’t about been better to learn, connect to and follow projects within the blockchain industry.”

ARK can be an open-source platform that empowers everyone within the blockchain space to make use of the technology for business or other uses irrespective of their experience. It really is particularly a hub for blockchain developers that means it is easier to allow them to build and deploy blockchains and build blockchain-related products.

MarketSquare is merely among the products ARK intends to roll out. Though it has only been through three rounds of closed alpha testing, the merchandise will be available to all users by Q4 2020 since it has gotten very positive responses from alpha testers up to now.

Several improvements have already been made predicated on these responses and the team is confident that the finished product will undoubtedly be impressive for users. Key top features of MarketSpace include developer-focused and social features as well as Social messaging and a developer bounty system.

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